Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My 4 Legged Family Members

I just love animals and can't stand to see them abused and neglected.  I thought I would introduce you to some of my four legged family members.

This is Schiska, our beautiful girl.  She is incredibly loud and loves to go walking with me.

This Bandit, our gorgeous and very shy boy, but incredibly loving.

These are our Wiltshire sheep.  They are self shedding and very friendly.  I named these ones as we are breeding with them.  The Ram is a real character but probably because I named him Cecil.  He eats right out of my hand and is known to be incredibly mischievous.
Wiltshire sheep having a snack

Penelope standing in the feeding trough and peeping over the fence.

Some of our cows
I read that if you look after your chooks, they will reward you with lots of eggs.  This is definitely true and I have heaps of eggs which I give away to all my two legged family members.
Brown Shavers

Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

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